Wednesday, January 12

beginning (of the end)

It’s been a strange few years.
For example: somehow, I went from drinking wine out of a glass one semester to drinking beer out of a cleat the next.
I am back! Hanging in Amsterdam, March 2008
I’ve been fortunate to wear many-a-hat in my time here at Marist — student first and foremost, but also a unshaven vagabond, newspaper editor and bloody rugger — making the transatlantic leap from a year in Florence to two in Poughkeepsie before finally transplanting myself back in Europe with an upcoming Dutch foray.
But, given all of this shuffling, aside from crumpled receipts in my cupholder or the occasional MSC snailmail from my New Zealand-roaming bud Sophie, I don’t really have any record of what's been cooking in my life over the years. Copies of the Circle have inked testament to some tales I've whipped up — a roller derby feature, an intimate piercing health profile, a geocaching how-to — as have a slew of wall-to-walls and hazy tagged photos. But, as a journalism major coming of age in the thick of the new media revolution, I think need to give my old dusty pen and paper an upgrade... or at do something. This blog is a product of that quasi-desire to keep up with the cyber Joneses and, really, simply to remember this last chapter of said collegiate life, times and adventures.
I think I’ve done alright (albeit some unfortunate speeding tickets).  I’m excited to see what comes next — imagine starting anew for a third time? I hope that in Amsterdam, like Florence and Poughkeepsie, I will find those few incredible people and challenges that keep me passionate. When I've been stuck in those looming feelings of limbo, I've been so fortunate to have crossed paths with all sorts who have in some way given me a bit of direction when I needed it most. I’m most grateful for those along the way who have pushed me, who have enlightened me, who have laughed with me, and who have been down enough to venture to Kennedy Fried Chicken at 3 a.m. This blog is for them, too. :)  

Wherever I go — Poughkeepsie, Amsterdam, Delhi — if nothing else, I hope just to find soul or two to share in that aforementioned ripe wine... or a ripe cleat, if I'm lucky. ;) 

So — here we go!

From my favorite fortune cookie I've ever had the pleasure of munching on.


  1. Excellent! I'll be a regular visitor to armchair travel with you!

  2. STROOPWAFFELS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to have the greatest time of your life