Thursday, May 12

a quickie

half an hour stands between me and undergraduate academic freedom. WHAT! how did that happen? but here i am. and i know i've completely neglected to post anything remotely related to the on-goings of the past month... let’s do a little rewind:  
I went back to florence and visited christine!:
gelato! friends! happy!
while in florence, i found out that I GOT THE FULBRIGHT TO INDIA!
basically what happened
where i'll be continuing school while photodocumenting and studying the development of women's rugby in the delhi region:
    and soon after, Lit came to visit!:
climbing monuments of not-so historical importance. getting down was another issue
Unfortunately, she couldn't stay for Queen’s night and day. It ruled:
the entire city wears orange. these guys HAD to be different and HAD to wear vit(white)fits (clearly excited. the dutch love their 'fits. they love their fits so much we almost made a 'fit blog chronicling our fit-run ins.)
  a few days later, maggie and i got to try our hands (feet?) at roller derby at the Amsterdam Derby Dames fresh meat day:
obligatory derby girl photo, had too

my photodocumentary!
Then the impossible was conquered with the completion of my research project:
do you know that look? the face of sheer about-to-bust/thank god this is done i'm going cross-eyed excitement

and in four short days i'll be heading back state to these faces:

tonight i say goodbye to the derby friends, one more dinner at the squat, tomorrow is a day of fun and packing, saturday one last adventure with dennis, sunday one last dinner with host mama, then monday... i'm america bound!   in my fam we had this tradition: on the last day of school, we (my mum at the wheel) would tear out of our catholic school parking lot blasting old tune. and now, i think it's only appropriate: