Thursday, February 3

another reason to learn dutch

We finally arrived at the SIT headquarters today, a beautiful flat in the city center over-looking the Herengracht, one of the main canals. After storing some luggage, Hannie, one of our directors, approached me with this morning’s paper that she had saved for me: a spread featuring the Dutch national women’s rugby sevens team! I’ll admit it: I squealed, probably to everyone's alarm. From the gist of the article, they got their start in 2009 and are hoping to make the 2016 Olympic bid… And, according to Hannie, something about how a lot of the women seem to be veterinarians (I’m wondering if the term ‘veteran’ got lost in translation?).
Further proof that women's rugby is taking over the world, one day at a time

It got the gears turning — if this is a fledgling team looking for support and exposure, I wonder how accessible they are? And if indeed they are, and they are as local as they seem to be — can I go work with them for my ISP? Slash get all of their rugby secrets and smuggle them home back home to America. Bwahah.
In terms of a daily round-up, this morning we hung out in a little village full of windmills and ate some ballin’ cheeses today. After trooping to the city, we went to photo exhibit at the Melkweg gallery that featured portraits of transgendered folk and then proceeded to the hostel where I hit my bed like a ton of bricks. Woke up thinking it was tomorrow, and when I realized it was indeed not, reveled in the fact that I seemingly got 12 or so hours of my life back...  love when that happens.
I'll hopefully be getting solid internet access in a few days so I will be more Skypeable... hope to see some pretty faces soon. :) Until then, xo

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  1. Village of windmills and cheese?!?! Best day <33 Miss you
    -Kelly <3

    PS - I also love when you wake up thinking it's tomorrow and the text you once sent me about catapulting yourself across a pile of laundry because you didn't know what day it was <3